Rally Raid RABE X1

Price: Sold

  • Class
    Rally Raid T1
  • Wheel side
  • Shock absorbers
  • Torque
  • Power
  • Weight
  • Production date
  • ECU
  • Transmission
    6 Speed Manual ZF
  • Class
    Rally Raid T2
This Dakar Spec Rally Raid car has a 100% finish rate, highest position was Geoff's first Dakar which he finished 27th Overall! <br> <br> It was built for entry into Dakar T1 or T3 class. <br> <br> The car has a massive spec and a massive set of spares that come with it. <br> <br> Highlights: <br> <br> Fully independent suspension <br> BMW 3 Litre single turbo engine with BMW ECU <br> Manual 6 speed ZF gearbox with High/Low Transfer box and locking centre diff <br> ARB electrically operated front and rear air locking Diffs <br> On board compressed air with high pressure air tank for super quick tyre re-inflation. <br> Hydraulic centre jacks both sides for changing wheels and self recovery if stuck <br> Room for 3 spare wheels in the back <br> 245 Litre Diesel tank with twin filters and pumps <br> High efficiency radiator with twin high power fans <br> Fitted with Terratrip 303 and brackets for all Dakar safety kit including, Sentinel with button, Twin Unik GPS mounts + aerials, Iritrak mount and Aerials <br> Air conditioning :-) <br> 4 HID lights in addition to headlights <br> <br> The car is located in the UK, Sandbach, Cheshire just off J17 M6 midway between Birmingham and Manchester. <br> <br> If you want to know more, email me (Write to Owner) or phone me on the above number if you want to chat about it. <br> <br> <a href="https://my.lanonyx.com/Rabe-X1" target="morerabe">More pictures and massive spares list can be found here</a> <br> <br> Thanks in advance Jon
  • United Kingdom
  • Seller
    Jon Aston
  • Phone
    0333 0022 441

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